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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Peaches For Zappa

 In honor of Frank Zappa's birthday, here are my lyrics to "Peaches En Regalia" (every note).


Too lifelike to destroy,
That fruit can bring you joy.

Let’s put those peaches en regalia;
March proudly with them,
Watch them walk down the street.

Please won’t you let them pass by safely;
Don’t spit on them and don’t eat their little feet.

On a melba float, you can gloat,
As you proudly cheer:
“Let the peaches vote,” they can quote,
Shakespeare, they’re sincere,

You won’t feel remote, if you note,
How they wave to you
Just as if you were the proudest parents who had raised them
Like they were your own small fruit-like children.

Teach them loyalty, wisdom, dignity;
Open a can, let your mind expand.


Set them free, remember even fruit has dignity.
When they come tell them hello,
When they leave tell them goodbye and
Come again, next time please stay longer.

Beware of reincarnation, that fruit you eat may be family,
What if you have stuffed a great-aunt in a spongy cake,
Have a heart, what if she is suffocating
In gooey artificial topping.

They like to dress in nice clothes,
A small string tie and a leisure suit.
No sense resisting a clean, well-dressed fruit,
Panama hat and their snakeskin boots.


Zappa used lots of notes with harmony that changes keys,
Arpeggios and passing tones that rise and fall with accidentals,
Winding riffs a twisted rock zoo,
Wah-wah pedals run amok too.


Hear them coming, closer and closer and closer and closer with
Peaches Leading the way;
Peaches happy and gay,
Why can’t we treat them decently and
Not like delicacies, with a social disease.


Choosing fruit that really sings is not as easy as it seems,
No watermelon, pomegranate, seedless grape or sundried raisin
Has the impact of that peach so fuzzy, fully ripe, delicious.