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Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Jazz Brain

Neuroscientists and their associated kin are happy to tell us whenever they discover a new link between parts of the brain and some mental or physiological process. Treatments derived from this research seem to perpetually be "in the early stages," although some research has proven valuable in treatment of injuries to the brain itself.  Other neurological associations (the in utero "Mozart Effect," the "Crack Baby" phenomenon), seem to be the result of people finding what they're looking for, 

While others have hypothesized links between jazz, creativity and the brain, only the Institute has had the audacity to put its brains where its money is.

Finding the brains was not simple, but after we located a source for chloroform, we found ample volunteers among our pool of unpaid interns. We salute their valor in climbing into the Institute's MRI chamber.

Our medical staff was always on hand to make sure no untoward effects occurred. There was an occasional issue, but nothing our lawyers couldn't handle.


Before and After Monk
The above graphic is self-explanatory; and when you figure it out, let me know.

Tenor Sax Player's Brain Stem During Giant Steps in Gflat

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They don't call it hard science for nothing. It is hard.