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Sunday, June 28, 2020

TOP 10 explanations for the Endless Flow of Miles Davis Photos

Is any one else astonished at the endless succession of Miles Davis photographs? There simply can't have been this many photos of Miles taken during the 65 years of his life. The staff of the Institute has been avidly, even doggedly hunting down the source of this endless fount and has come up with:

THE TOP TEN explanations for the endless flow of Miles Davis photos.
  1. New Drilling in the Arctic
  2. Advances in dowsing
  3. Final accounting of Jimmy Hoffa’s crypt 
  4. Venus in retrograde
  5. Pandemic-inspired cleaning
  6. Excavations at Stonehenge
  7. New Lojack add-on
  8. Milk carton campaign
  9. “Dark Matter” revealed
  10. Uri Geller is back!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Music Biz Post-COVID

The future of the music industry is very uncertain. Everyone's crystal ball is cloudy, but  
I would refer people to my commentary HERE. Your comments on that page are welcome.