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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Kenny Dorham/Lee Morgan Show

A brief biographical and musical look at two of the great trumpeters in jazz.

Kenny Dorham “The Prophet” from Kenny Dorham: The Jazz Prophets (Chessmates 1956)

Kenny Dorham “My Heart Stood Still” from 'Round About Midnight at the Cafe Bohemia (Blue Note 1956)

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messingers “Night in Tunisia” from Live in Stockholm (1959)

Lee Morgan “Hocus Pocus” from Sidewinder (Blue Note 1963)

Kenny Dorham “Sunrise in Mexico” from Whisle Stop (Blue Note 1961)

Kenny Dorham “My Old Flame” from Jazz Contrasts (Riverside 1957)

Lee Morgan “I'll Never Be the Same” from Sonic Boom (Blue Note 1967)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Duplex Mystery Hour: Ken Field

On this show, which aired on 20.27.23, we explored the eclectic musicality of Ken Field-instrumentalist, composer, bandleader and educator.

I apologize for the high noise ceiling during the dialogue.

Here's the show.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Roots of Honk!

The Duplex Mystery Jazz Hour on October 3 and upcoming on the 10th showcase music that inspires many of the brass bands playing October 11-13 in Honk, probably the largest gathering of street brass bands in the world.

This program focuses on early brass band music-mostly from New Orleans. The next show will feature the new brass music from New Orleans and some Balkan music, another strong influence for Honk! bands.

Here's the show.


The Laneville-Johnson Union Brass Band"Preaching tonight" from "Music From the South" (1955), on Folkways 

James Reese Europe "That's Got Em" from "That's Got Em" (1919), on Pathe 

Louis Armstrong "When the Saints Go Marching In" from "Jazz at Newport" (Jazz, 1919), on Wolf 

Louisiana Rep Orch. "Panama" from "Marching, Ragging" (Jazz, 1989) on Stomp Off 

Eureka Brass Band "Panama" from "Jazz At Preservation Hall" (Jazz, 1966) on Atlantic 

New Tuxedo BRass Band "Hymn Medley" from "Jazz Begins" (Jazz, 1959) on Atlantic 

Bunk Johnson "Oh Didn't He Ramble" from "Bunk's Brass Band" (Jazz, 1945) on American Music 

Eureka Brass Band "Just a Little While" from "Jazz At Preservation Hall" (Jazz, 1966) on Atlantic 

George Lewis "Fidgety Feet" from "At New Orleans" (Jazz, 1946) on Riverside 

Olympia Brass Band "Down By The Riverside" from "Here Come. Da.." (Jazz, 1974) on Preservation Hall 

George Lewis "Salutation March" from "At New Orleans" (Jazz, 1946) on Riverside 

Chosen Few Brass Band "Mardi Gras" from "Mardi Gras" (Single, 1985) on SYLA 

Olympia Brass Band "Eh la Bas" from "Jazzly Yours" (Jazz) on Maison Soul