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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Incarnations (Steve Provizer)

Since no one else seems to have yet spoken up, I will take the initiative to make this brief posting... I am among some folks that Chris has asked to contribute to the new incarnation of this site and I'm confident I speak for all in saying I'm very glad to have been offered this platform.

Chris has graciously said that we can expatiate in areas of personal interest that don't fall squarely into the "jazz" category. For me, that means improvisational music from other parts of the world, popular music/cultural history, poetry, media analysis and general invective. Glad to be aboard.

Mr. Provizer has generously agreed to grace the place with his lore which is extensive and I can only hope he isn't disgraced by this scabrous association. More on the way soon from your resident moron and with luck, Mr. Lavelle will also return soon when his various existential issues sort out.