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Friday, July 6, 2012

Rockin' 'GBH

Last night's jam in front of WGBH demonstrated a beautiful sense of solidarity among the jazz community of Boston. It's impossible to know what the ripple effects of the event will be, but it felt freakin' great to be there.

There are several more videos at this link:

There will be an open meeting at 6PM on Tuesday, July 31st at the Boston Public Library and I hope that some focused goal will emerge, as well as the right strategy to make it happen. B.C. readers are encouraged to send ideas.
Photo by Cherrie Corey  

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Unknown said...

Commercial broadcasters routinely copy whatever's hot in the ratings [they lack the imagination to create unique niche programming]! Public stations (until this very moment) have provided the diverse programming we're promised under the Communications Act [a law of the land]. Our heroes have told us to seek justice and recourse to maltreatment by whatever means necessary!