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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dog Days Cliche Examination

Here's a glib little test designed to help pass the lonely hours. Apologies to Flann O'Brien.

Circle the appropriate cliche (Key at bottom of post):

We've past Midsummer Night and the Well of Inspiration has :
1) Stained my plus fours
2) sunk to contrabass clarinet range
3) evaporated
4) Found a new baby in a 5 &10 cent store.

In these trying economic times, it behooves each of us to:
1) Organize for political change
2) Tighten our belts
3) Blame Obama
4) Bootleg more music

The only thing we have to fear is:
1) A Bachman-Paul ticket
2) The Millionaire Matchmaker
3) Fear itself
4) Smooth jazz

All for one and:
1) One for the money
2) For the show
3) To get ready
4) Blow cat, blow

All work and no play:
1) Perpetuates income inequality
2) Equals a bad G.B. gig
3) Makes Jack a dull boy
4) Is no way to make a living

When the going gets tough, the tough:
1) Kill a Facebook farm animal
2) Shop for a new mouthpiece
3) Learn all the verses to "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall"
4) Play Qbeez

If handguns were illegal:
1) None of the below
2) Crossbows would make a comeback
3) Only criminals would have them
4) White supremacist militias would elevate the circle jerk to a fine art

Key=With everyone's self-esteem in such a fragile state (and with my lawyers baying at my heels),  I hereby state there are no wrong answers. You all get a gold star.

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