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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Catechism of Jazz Criticism Cliche; Volume The First

All cliches guaranteed culled from jazz blogs.

  • Into his efforts what must a jazz musician put: His all.
  • Can the state of originality be surpassed? Yes, by ultra-originality.
  • Can note choice, harmony or sense of time be peccable? No, only impeccable.
  • What method of transport sometimes inheres in jazz performance: Being swept up.
  • What effect may other musical genres sometimes inflict on jazz:"Tinge-ing"
  • Can the adjective "neo" be attached to to any stylistic jazz descriptor: Yes.
  • What dangerous cardiac condition can be induced by certain ballad performances: Heartbreak.
  • Of what form of empty bombast is the tenor saxophone sometimes accused: Bluster.
  • In what practical sartorial appurtenance can a drummer likely be found? In the pocket.

With apologies to Myles na gCopaleen

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