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Friday, January 31, 2014

Music (& Influences) of David Dominique

David Dominique is on hand to talk about his music on this edition of the Duplex Mystery Hour. We listen to large ensemble music from his "Ritual" cd and also to some of the music that either inspired him or simply helps to put his work into context. 

Here's the Playlist:

David Dominique “Ritual” (David Dominique 2013)

Franco Donatoni “Lumen”  (1975)

David Dominique “Ritual 4” from Ritual (David Dominique 2013)

Charles Mingus “Duet Solo Dancers” from The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady (Impulse 1963)

Igor Stravinksy “L'histoire du Soldat” (1918)

David Dominique “Ritual 4” from Ritual (David Dominique 2013)

David Dominique “Drunk Hump”from Ritual (David Dominique 2013)

Henry Threadgil “Paille” from You Know The Number (RCA Novus 1987)

David Dominique “Golden Retriever” from Ritual (David Dominique 2013)

Prefuse 73 “Suite For The Ways Things Change” from Extinguished: Outtakes  (Warp 2003)

David Dominique “Mulatto Shuffle” from Ritual (David Dominique 2013)

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