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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On With the Nonsense!

As one of the dozen scam mailings my mother gets everyday would say:

"Dear Entrant: You are one of a very small pool of residents in your area to be chosen to proceed to the next level of competition! Please send in $25 so we may confirm your certified platinum level registration number."

Well, in this here Name the Blog contest, everyone's a winner-at least in this round-and we will absolutely not be swayed by kickbacks (unless you actually send one).

 Only first names are given, to protect the innocent.

Enjoy some Salieri while you contemplate these worthy entries:

Felonius Junk -Di
You got a problem with 'Brilliant Corners,' bub?" -Larry
Brilliant Jazz and Other Joys (from BOSTON) -Brew
Third Balcony Jump -Harvey
Jazz speaks for life   -Dave
Jazz Hands!!!   Bleeding Gums Murphy Speaks  -Aaron
Dizzy Atmosphere, Six Flats Unfurnished   -Rob
Snap Diddley Squirt: A Jazz Blog -Kiddo
Jazz Pants, Learn a New Word Everyday, Life Improv, Carried Away with Steve, Jazz Scratch Fever, Jazz Happy, Sharps and Flats, The Flying Jazz Project, Captain Jazz, Jazz Serious, Jazz Kidding  -Amy and Ken
Not Just Another Jazz Blog -Dick
ImProvizing or ImProvizer 
or ProVizions,

 See Sharp,

 Sounding, Brass


 Mouth Pieces

Horning In,

 MOTS (acronym for: Music Of The. Sphere's)(French for "words" too, ErSatch, UrSatch, Dauntless, Iterations -Ed
The Jazz Id-Me

It's not a popularity contest, but groundswells of support will no doubt influence my highly disorganized adjudication methodology.


Steve Provizer said...

Harvey wrote: Not since the glory days of Miss Rheingold has there been this electric sense of anticipation...

Steve Provizer said...

Harvey-You're on to something.

All contestants who want to make it to the next round are now required to submit a photo of him or herself in a bathing suit; the more revealing, the better.

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