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Friday, January 27, 2012

More Jazz Necessities

Previously, the introduction of the Chet Baker watch inspired me to release these new products, essential for any jazz fan:

Charlie Parker Day Planner
Trumbauer Guide To Linux
G.I. Lennie Action Figure
Joe Newman Sump Pump
Bill Evans Chest Expander
Keith Jarrett Beard Trimmer
The iTrane

We did so well with these that we are moving into publishing:

Sun Ra: Five Tips for a Groovy Luau
Benny Goodman: Guide to Jazz Etiquette 
Eddie Condon: Why Proust Still Matters
Django & Klugh: 10-Days to Perfect Nails
Charles Mingus: Why Mitt? Why Now?
Ornette Coleman: Conquering the II-V-I
Bix Beiderbecke: Monetize Your Blog!


Art said...

I'm digging' the watch. Does it come in Bass Clef?

Steve Provizer said...

Don't want our lower brass friends to feel left out. I'll send word down to the factory.

Art said...

Supply & Demand in action. Of course, I politely asked. Lol