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Friday, February 4, 2011

Frank Foster Quartet-4.10.85

Another in a series of videos I shot in the 80's and 90's, which have never been seen.

Foster, longtime soloist with (and eventual leader of) the Basie band, is a guy who devours changes. The rest of the group are no slouches.
Frank Foster-sax
Rufus Reid-bass
Kenny Barron-piano
Terri-Lyne Carrington-drums

It took Foster a long time to find his way to Wellesley College for this concert, so he improvised this title:"The Leaving New York On a Rainy Friday And Arriving at 5:15 at Logan Airport in Boston On a Rainy Friday and Having One Heck of a Time Getting to Wellesley Blues."


I Witness said...

Nice one, Steve. While anything Barron Kenny plays is jake with me, seems that Frank can Foster some welcome heat too, on this blues only marginally briefer than its title! I first caught Reid helping Dexter stand tall back in the Old School days, but Carrington was unknown till the view of this excellent vid. What other treats have you tucked away?

p.s. I've taken on a thorny issue that I bet you care about in my own latest post at --would value your thoughts.

Steve Provizer said...

Glad ya like it. See the Woody Shaw videos for more of T.L. Carrington.

Meanwhile, I'll meander over to the thorny issue.