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Friday, February 6, 2015

Jazz FIlm Sound Tracks

Jazz, and especially swing, was often used as a backdrop for films of the 30's and 40's, although complete jazz scores began in the 50's. Arguably the first one was Elmer Bernstein's for "The Man With the Golden Arm." On the Duplex Mystery Jazz Hour of 02/05/2015, we meandered non-chronologically through some of the best.

Elmer Bernstein  from "the man with the golden arm" (Jazz, 1955) on Decca 

Stan Getz  from "Mickey One Soundtrack" (Jazz, 1965) on MGM 

Martial Solal  from "Soundtrack from Breathless" (Jazz, 1961) on Vogue 

Miles Davis  from "Soundtrack from Ascenseur pour Lechafaud" (Jazz, 1961) on Fontana 

Quincy Jones from "Soundtrack from In Cold Blood" (Jazz, 1967) on Colgems 

Sonny Rollins  from "Alfie Soundtrack" (Jazz, 1966) on GRP 

Michel Legrand  from "Soundtrack for Umbrellas of Cherbourg" (Jazz, 1964) on Phillips 

Duke Ellington  from "Anatomy of a Murder Soundtrack" (Jazz, 1959) on Columbia 

Ella Fitzgerald Pete Kelly's Blues" from "Pete Kelly's Blues" (Jazz, 1955) on Decca 

Gato Barbieri from "Last Tango in Paris" (Jazz, 1973) on MGM 

Dave Brubeck "Raggy Waltz" from "Soundtrack All Night Long" (Jazz, 1961) 

Don Ellis "Subway" from "French Connection soundtrack" (Jazz, 1971)  

Gerry Mulligan "Menace" from "La Menace" (Jazz, 1977) on DRG 

John Lewis  from "Odds Against Tomorrow Soundtrack" (Jazz, 1959) on Moochin About 

Jerry Goldsmith  from "Chinatown" (Jazz, 1974) on Geffen 

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