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Sunday, February 15, 2015

8 Cats Who Make it Look Easy

If you turn off the sound and just look at them, you'd never guess the intensity of the playing. How can they keep their bodies so relaxed and generate such energy?

Wes Montgomery. Not a care, brother.

Charlie Parker. Yes, he's dubbing, but that's how he looked when he played.

Freddie Hubbard. The trumpet is too hard to really make it look easy, but how hard he blows isn't reflected in how he looks.

Errol Garner. Elfin.

Big Sid Catlett. Big man dances with ease.

Johnny Hodges. Intensity in the eyes, but no tension in his body.

Art Tatum.Falling off a log (perched on a 100-story skyscraper)

Lester Young. Just. Cool.

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