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Friday, June 6, 2014

Extended Ellington

If you missed the Duplex Mystery Hour that played long-form works of Ellington-and Strayhorn-on Thursday June 5, 5-7 PM. check out the playlist below and listen to the audio, archived at


 Duke Ellington "Creole Rhapsody" from "Creole Rhapsody" (Jazz, 1931) on Brunswick 
 Duke Ellington "Reminiscing in Tempo" (Jazz, 1935) on Brunswick 
 Duke Ellington "Symphony in Black (A Rhapsody of Negro Life)"(Jazz, 1935) 
 Duke Ellington "Clarinet Lament" (1936) on Brunswick 
 Duke Ellington "Boy Meets Horn" From Fargo, 1940 (Jazz, 1940) on Jazz Classics 
 Duke Ellington "Harlem Air Shaft"(Jazz, 1940) on Victor 
 Duke Ellington "Jump for Joy (Jazz, 1941) on Victor 
 Duke Ellington "Black, Brown, and Beige" (1944) on RCA 
 Duke Ellington "The Harlem Suite" (Jazz, 1951) on Columbia 
 Duke Ellington "A Drum is a Woman" (Jazz, 1957) on Columbia 
 Duke Ellington "Such Sweet Thunder" from "The Queen Suite" (Jazz, 1957) on Columbia 
 Duke Ellington "Anatomy of a Murder theme" from "Anatomy of a Murder" (Jazz, 1959) on Columbia 
 Duke Ellington "Happy Anatomy" from "Happy Anatomy" (Jazz, 1959) on Columbia 
 Duke Ellington "Paris Blues" from "Paris Blues" (Jazz, 1961) on United Artists 
 Duke Ellington "First Sacred Concert" (Jazz, 1965) 
 Duke Ellington "Tourist Point of View" from "The Far East Suite" (Jazz, 1966) on RCA 
 Duke Ellington "Bluebird of Delhi" from "Far East Suite" (Jazz, 1966) on RCA 
 Duke Ellington "Isfahan" from "Far East Suite" (Jazz, 1966) on RCA 

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