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Friday, April 15, 2011

"Chet Baker Watch & Other Jazz Necessities," by Steve Provizer

Glad to see someone's finally designing a Chet Baker watch. If anyone says "be on time" to me, it's Chet.

Not to be outdone, I have a number of products in the pipeline:

Charlie Parker Day Planner
Trumbauer Guide To Linux
G.I. Lennie Action Figure
Joe Newman Sump Pump
Bill Evans Chest Expander
Keith Jarrett Beard Trimmer
The iTrane


I Witness said...

If I hurry, hurry, hurry, can I take the iTrane? Of course then I might need a ScoPal patch for Dizziness. (Wearing my Arroll Shirt any man would Garner, and a pair of Krupa-Harris jeans... "'cause it's what's in your jeans that counts.")

Steve Provizer said...


Remodeling tips:
BlueMitchell@ paint for your den walls.
SweetsEdison@ lightbulbs on the porch
LouisArmstrong@ tiles for the elegant bathroom
JackieMclean@ airwick scent throughout the house