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Friday, April 22, 2011

"Boston Celtics Jazz Lineup" By Steve Provizer

Last year at the beginning of the playoffs, I posted my take on the C's as jazz musicians. The only change in this year's lineup is Shaq.

Rajon Rondo=Miles Davis
Paul Pierce=Coleman Hawkins
Kevin Garnett=Booker Little 
Shaquille O'Neal-Walter Page
Ray Allen=Big Sid Catlett

(Not to be used for illegal gambling purposes...If only)


Steve Provizer said...

Bruno wrote: "Miles was more of a trend setter.... as was Cousy ... not Rondo ... if there's a leader on Celtics now, it must be Pierce ...Garnett more like Max Miller, called by Studs Terkel, "The Angry Man of Jazz"... somehow I see the late Shaq as Dexter Gordon... young Shaq was so dominant he would have to be someone like Sonny Rollins or Diz.. ... and Ray Allen as a home run hitter with his 3 pointers ... perhaps the smooth Lester Young ...or maybe Benny Carter ..."

Steve Provizer said...

Rondo has been moving into an elite class...It would be hard to get me off thinking of Shaq as anything but a bass player...The way Big Sid uses his sticks reminds me of Ray's shooting...And, don't you think Pierce's moves are arpeggiated like Bean's?

Steve Provizer said...

Bruno wrote: "Elite is not the same as trend setting ... Cous did things that never were done before ... Rondo is really just another really good guard, and maybe a head case ......Garnett plays best angry ... bass player or not ... .... I'm thinking more of their personalities and abilities ...Allen is not a one horse pony but he's made his specialty as being the best 3 point player in history ... Pierce makes the Celtics go .... the unspoken leader in so many ways ..."

Steve Provizer said...

You may be right about trend setting, but Rondo gives you things Cooz didn't-rebounding and better shooting. The difference between Cousy and Rondo exemplifies the difference between the game then and now. No matter what your position is on that, I think the increased athleticism is a given and that the calibre of the average player is higher. If WIlt was around, I don't think he could drop 100 on anyone anymore.

rob chalfen said...

who are the cats in the 40s combo?

Steve Provizer said...

Unknown. Photo is from: