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Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Lyrics to "Central Park West" Steve Provizer

There's a syllable for every note of Coltrane's soprano solo. I've tried to make the typography scan as close to the rhythm as possible. Play the song Central Park West and hopefully, you can follow.

Sun's last rays,
Filter shyly though a
Grey urban haze;
Close the day.
Streetlights now shed...ghostly light the way
To the
Place of which we speak...
Central Park, but not East or South but West, you can
Sense a difference, in the pace of this
Special place...
Secrets of its own, remain, unknown, but can
Be reflected in song, as John
Coltrane wanted to capture time and feelings and places;
Moments in time
Pass us by, but
Live again in song...
Breath of life and breath of peace;
Day's final breath, night's release.

[Piano Solo]

Black to grey and grey to white;
Birth of shadows, death of darkness, dawn of day;
Silence stilled by the
Rising sounds, of the city as it wakes...
The quickening pulse of a giant grown restless
Gathering, momentum,
Finding living rhythms...For each
Life, and for each
Place a melody hidden but waiting;
To be found, to be freed;
Let it sound;
Let its magic, be unbounded;
Secrets told, and hearts, that unfold with this song,
Central Park.


Joey van Leeuwen said...

Beautiful! Can I use these lyrics for a public performance?

Steve Provizer said...

Thank you, Joey. Of course you can use them. Just please credit me. And please let me know if the performance is taped and can be seen online.

Joey van Leeuwen said...

Here's the transcription. Let me know if you see anything that needs to be corrected...Going to try and get this rehearsed soon so I'll let you know when we get a recording!

Steve Provizer said...

Joey-Good job. There are some small things that I don't find important, but my memory has the last three notes as low G# to F# above down to D#. You might want to listen and verify. Good luck!