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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"1st Annual Jazz Ghoul-athon" by Steve Provizer

Ah, the elevation of John Lennon to sainthood. He did co-write and write some great songs. He was also occasionally a creep and often ah, not what he appeared to be. That said, my teeth are set on edge by the "where were you when Lennon died" tweets, blog posts, etc.; a ghoulish piggy-backing on boomer nostalgia. Well, two can play at that game, I-gor.

Welcome to the First Annual Jazz Ghoul-athon. Answers are offered, but creative readers are encouraged to submit their own. Entrants become eligible to tour the Brilliant Corners Art Van Damme bow tie collection.

Where were you when Jelly Roll Morton got his nickname?
a. Ridin' the rails between Wichita and Joplin, MO
b. Stuffing twinkies for Hostess
c. Berating a scurrilous tailor

Where were you when Bix died?
a. Bathing in lime jello
b. Polishing my ocarina
c. Rafting down the Mississippi with Ferde Grofe

What were you doing when Miles first started to chew gum?
a. Beating up a cop outside Walgreen's
b. Reaming out Fats Navarro's horn
c. Surreptitiously cutting pages out of Errol Garner's phonebooks

What were you doing when the plunger mute was invented?
a. Spiking my breakfast muesli with prunes
b. Buying condoms in the Village Vanguard bathroom
c. Nuzzling a bottle of Jack Daniels

What were you doing when Chet Baker lost his teeth?
a. Trying to get a wine cork out with a churchkey
b. Experimenting with a Pepto-Bismal tablet
c. Looking for my zippo

What were you doing during the Bird "Lover Man" session?
a. Dodging cymbals
b. Swapping road-kill recipes w. the bus driver
c.  Politely declining a charlotte russe.

What were you doing when Lionel Hampton gave his whole band a raise.
a. Shtupping Anita Ekberg
b. Counting my bullion
c. None of the above


Matt Lavelle said...


Steve Provizer said...

Matt-if you want a peek at Van Damm's bowtie, you have to tell us where you were and what you were doing.

Matt Lavelle said...

the truth Steve,.is that I was counting the different amounts of colored fruit loops in my cereal and looking for a secret code.I was at a Mcdonalds on 158th and broadway and the people made me leave right on the verge of a breakthrough.(Damn!)

Randall said...

LOL very funny...

Steve Provizer said...

The International jazz breakfast conspiracy continues to work silently, behind the scenes. Few know that Ronald McDonald is a 50th degree Mason.

Matt Lavelle said...

I once heard,.but was told never to speak off,.that Grimace was the secret composer of take 5.

Steve Provizer said...

WikiLeaks confirmed that.