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Friday, December 16, 2016

Fred Katz: Jazz Cellist, Composer, Arranger

The DuPlex Mystery Jazz Hour of 12.15.16 on WZBC.ORG featured Fred Katz (1919–2013), who may have been the most accomplished cellist jazz has seen. After studying under Pablo Casals and performing with several symphony orchestras, Katz made the move to jazz, performing with drummer Chico Hamilton and leading many groups himself. Katz also did film scores, including a bunch for Roger Corman-A Bucket of Blood and The Wasp Woman.

His solos and his compositions are an interesting hybrid of "inside" jazz, classical techniques and harmonic experimentation.

Check the program out HERE


Feelin the Blues, from "Fred katz and His Jammers" Fred Katz (cel) / Don Fagerquist (tp) // Gene Estes (vb) / Leroy Vinnegar (b) /  Lenny McBrowne (d) / Johnny Pisano (gtr), (1959) on Decca

"Elegy" from "Fred katz and His Jammers"-Fred Katz (cel) / Don Fagerquist (tp) /Gene Estes (vb) / Leroy Vinnegar (b) / Frank Butler (d) / / Johnny Pisano (gtr), (1959) on Decca

Chico Hamilton quintet "Jonalah" from "Sweet Smell of Success" reedist/flutist Paul Horn, bassist Carson Smith, cellist Fred Katz, guitarist John Pisano‬ ‪(1957) on Decca‬

"I Remember Clifford" from "Carmen McCrae For Cool Ones" ,Fred Katz - arranger, conductor, cello, Buddy Collette - flute, alto saxophone, (1958) on Decca

"Old Paint" from "Folk Songs for Far Out Folk" Gene Estes, vibes - Billy Bean, guitar - Johnny T. Williams, piano - Mel Pollen, bass - Jerry Williams, drums, (1958) on Warner Brothers

"Pluck It" from "Zen"-Fred Katz, cello - Chico Hamilton, drums & tympani - Paul Horn, alto flute & clarinet - John Pisano, guitar - Carson Smith, bass, (Jazz, 1957) on Pacific Jazz

"Science Fiction," 45 rpm record- Fred Katz Quintet With Ensemble, Paul Horn (flute, clarinet, alto sax, piccolo) Fred Katz (cello) John Pisano (guitar) Carson Smith (bass) Chico Hamilton (drums) (1955) on Pacific Jazz

"Take the A Train/Perdito" Chico Hamilton Quintet from "Ellington Suite" Alto Saxophone, Flute – Paul Horn, Bass – Carson Smith Cello – Fred Katz Drums – Chico Hamilton Guitar – Jim Hall, Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone – Buddy Collette, (1958) on World Pacific

"Stella By Starlight" from "Fred Katz Trio at the Strollers" Fred Katz (cello), Jim Hall (guitar), Carson Smith (bass), (1955) on World Pacific

"Junk Man" Ken Nordine and the Fred Katz Group from "Son of Word Jazz" Bass – Harold Gaylor, Cello – Fred Katz, Drums – Red Holt, Guitar – John Pisano, Narrator,– Ken Nordine, (1958) on Dot

"4-5-6" from "4-5-6 Trio" Fred Katz Trio Fred Katz (cello) Johnny Pisano (guitar) Hal Gaylor (bass), (Jazz, 1958) on Decca

"Wax and Wane" from "The Rubaiyat Of Dorothy Ashby"-Dorothy Ashby - harp, koto, vocals, Stu Katz - vibraphone, Fred Katz - kalimba, Unidentified Orch.(1970) on Cadet

"Tea For Two" from "The Original Chico Hamilton Quintet at the Strollers"-Buddy Collette (clarinet), Fred Katz (cello), Jim Hall (guitar), Carson Smith (bass), Chico Hamilton (drums), (1955) on World Pacific

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