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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Donna Lee Sing-Along

In honor of Charlie Parker's birthday, here's the tune Donna Lee, with my lyrics below. You're all invited to think of me as the bebop Mitch MIller and sing along.

Donna Lee has a melody that teaches us that
Learning the trade of music takes a lifetime,
But the joy that comes from knowing that this
Rocky road you choose can let you
Open up your soul,
To the mysteries around you,
Means the path has found you.
Sing a tune by Charlie Parker or a ballad by Sinatra,
Anything that can train your ears to listen
To the subtlest things.
Honeysuckle Rose can sing but
She gets bored with singing in just one key.
Learning the trade of music you must
Set a goal like learning to sing Miss
Donna Lee in twelve keys,
Only time can make it happen,
You had no idea time could possibly go so slow…
When you have heard the half steps and the
Minot thirds you think you’re almost home only
Now you see that you’ve got four bars left to sing without a breath
But now you’re flying you know Donna Lee won’t get the best of you.

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