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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Miles is to Picasso as Who is to Whom

In a well-known interview with Sonny Rollins and Gary Bartz, Miles Davis is likened to Picasso. Like Miles, Coleman Hawkins and John Coltrane went through cycles of intense artistic change; less so, other of the musicians in this postBix, Red Allen, Hampton and Shepp. And, like Picasso, the artists here sometimes had a dominant style and sometimes went through significant changes (not to mention working in different media). But, since this is pure subjectivity, not scholarly research, I'm using a single well-known work by the musicians and artists to present a simple case for their aesthetic linkage. Look and listen.

Bix and Joan Miro.                            

Coleman Hawkins and John Marin

                                        John Coltrane and Isamu Noguchi
Henry "Red" Allen and Franz Kline

Lionel Hampton Big Bands and Romare Bearden

Archie Shepp and Jacob Lawrence
More to come.

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rob chalfen said...

nice associations!