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Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Greatest Pianist of All Time Contest

The "Who's the Greatest Drummer of All Time contest" at COS lists no African-American drummers. Not wanting to be outmaneuvered in the impending Greatest {  } of All Time-lists-battle, the Institute hereby presents:"Who's The Greatest Pianist of All Time?" The nominees are:

Peter Nero
Victor Borge
Neil Sedaka
Zez Confrey
Jim Brickman
Peter Duchin
Billy Joel
Elton John
Barry Manilow

Remember: your vote doesn't count.


Andrew said...

I love this list.

Michael Morse said...

Hey, man, you missed out on the dad-&-lad action: nominate Eddie Duchin, too!

Steve Provizer said...

Andrew-I bet I know who you'd vote for...

Michael-You are so right. Senility at work...

El Rana said...

This is so unfair to Jazz !!...Where's Springsteen?

ken kelly ostrander said...

since there's no franz liszt or thelonious monk, i'll have to go with liberace.