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Monday, April 21, 2014

The "Classical Tinge" in Jazz

Jelly Roll Morton famously cited the "Spanish Tinge," but jazz has also been influenced by "classical" music. I'm calling this the "Classical Tinge." This began well before the term "Third Stream" was coined by Gunther Schuller in the 1950's. In fact, as soon as jazz-influenced dance bands (or dance-influenced jazz bands) began to record, we began to hear this happen. I hope you enjoy this look at some of tunes from 1920-1931 that had a Classical Tinge.

Listen Here.


 Paul Whiteman Orchestra "The Japanese Sandman" (Jazz, 1920) on Victor 
 Paul Whiteman Orchestra "Thais" (Jazz, 1924) on Victor 
 Hitchs Happy Harmonists "Boneyard Shuffle" (Jazz, 1925) on Gennett 
 Ross Gorman And His Earl Carroll Orchestra "Rhythm of the Day"  (Jazz, 1925) on Columbia 
 Bix Beiderbecke  "Humpty Dumpty"  (Jazz, 1927) on Parlophone 
 Fletcher Henderson "Whiteman Stomp" (Jazz, 1927) on Columbia 
 Bix Beiderbecke "In a Mist"  (Jazz, 1927) on Okeh 
 Romain Baud "Flashes (By Bix)" Jazz, 2011) 
 Red Nicholls & His Five Pennies "Davenport Blues" (Jazz, 1927) on Victor 
 Carl Fenton's Orchestra "Delirium" (Jazz, 1927) on Brunswick 
 Carroll Dickerson and His Orchestra "Symphonic Raps" (Jazz, 1928) on Odeon 
 Red Nichols "Imagination" (Jazz, 1928) on Brunswick 
 Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra "Jubilee"(Jazz, 1928) on Parlophone 
 Paul Whiteman and His Orch "San" (Jazz, 1928) on Victor 
 Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra "My Gal Sal"  (Jazz, 1931) on Columbia 
 Red Nichols & His Five Pennies  "That's No Bargain" (Jazz, 1926) on Brunswick 


Andrew said...

Hi Steve. I missed the show and would really like to listen, but the link you posted does not seem to work for me.

Steve Provizer said...

Andrew-I just clicked it and it worked for me. Maybe it's a browser issue? Here's the link:

Hope it works.


Andrew said...

Hmm, no dice on Chrome or Firefox (it keeps telling me permission is denied and asking if I want to buy The Riverside Records Story). Anyway, maybe I just need to get a MediaFire account (more than worth it to check out your show).

Steve Provizer said...

Andrew-Please try it now.

Andrew said...

Success! Thanks so much, Steve. I'm looking forward to listening to the show.

Andrew said...

Steve, this was a(nother) fantastic show! What a great collection of music (the Gorman side has been a personal favorite for years).

Steve Provizer said...

Thank you, Andrew. Very glad you enjoyed it.