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Friday, November 8, 2013

Lookin' At The Roane Brothers

Inspired by a nice posting by Andrew Sammut on his blog, I took a look at trumpet players Kenneth and Eddie Roane on my 7-11-13 program. Check out the show for biographical info and music by these two excellent trumpet players.

Here's the program.

Fess Williams “Hot Town” (Victor 1927)
Lloyd Scott and His Orchestra “HARLEM SHUFFLE” (Victor 1927)
Lloyd Scott and His Orchestra “Happy Hour” (Victor 1927)
Lloyd Scott and His Orchestra “Symphonic Scronch” (Victor 1927)
Fess Williams “Friction” (1929)
Eddie Cole “Honey Hush” (Decca 1936)
Eddie Cole “Thunder” (Decca 1936)
Sidney Bechet “Meringue” (1939)
Sidney Bechet “Rose Rhumba” (1939)
Louis Jordan “Is You Is or Is Ain't My Baby?” SINGLE (Decca 1943)
Louis Jordan “I Like Em Fat Like That” SINGLE (Decca)
Louis Jordan “You Can't Do That No More” SINGLE (Decca 1943)
Fess Williams “Variety Stomp” SINGLE (Brunswick 1927)

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