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Friday, August 16, 2013

Guitars-Recorded and Live

In my 8.15.13 edition of the Duplex Mystery Jazz Hour, the first hour was given over to playing tunes with guitar players. The second hour featured a live performance with guitarist Jeff Platz, drummer John McClellan and, for one free improv, me (Steve Provizer) on trumpet.

Here is a recording of the first hour. The playlist is below.

Oscar Pettiford “Marcel the Furrier”  Vogue 1954

Bobby Broom “D's Blues” from Upper West Side Story  2011

Sandy Prager “Dopey Ted”from Figures of Speech Fo-Pa 1996

Geoff Bradfield “Central Avenue” from Melba  2013

Tuxedo Jazz Band “Eh-La-Bas” Verve 1954

Kenny Dorham “Hill's Edge” from Cafe Bohemia Blue Note 1956

Billie Holliday “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues” from Commodore Master Takes 1939

Matt Parker “New Bossa” from Two Worlds Get Together Bynk 2013

Count Basie “Fiesta in Blue” from classic collection Going for a Song 1942


Here is the second hour, featuring the live in-studio performance.

You can check out upcoming gigs for Jeff and John at and

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