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Monday, January 7, 2013

Sing Along WIth Diz

Brew reminds us that this year marks 20 years since the death of Dizzy Gillespie-one of the great souls of jazz. 

Some time ago, I wrote words for every note of Dizzy's amazing 1945 solo on I Can't Get Started. I invite you all to listen and to sing along, using my lyrics. If you don't know the solo, there's a lot of notes and it's a challenge. I've tried to notate it in a way that makes sense musically. Give it a shot and try as often as you like. If you get it down, record it and send it to me and I'll gleefully post your rendition. Tell your vocalist friends.

Long live Diz.


Someone teach me to win;
Don’t know how to begin;
I’m getting desperate to capture your heart,
Won’t believe that I can’t make you love me.
All my dreams are of you I fear,
The promise of your love brings me through
Days on my own,
My fate so unknown, depends on you alone.
Though many days have passed I still can’t

Start to prove that I love you.
Doesn’t seem right or fair, that the
Things I do aren’t convincing you,
You’re all I need, don’t you believe me.
Everything I say and I do is just to
Show you and to convince you;
Endlessly I search for new

Hills to climb. Wars to win, worlds to conquer.
Flying around the world
And outposts I’ve charted,
Don’t mean a damn with you,
Why is it so,
My exploits leave you cold?
I’m doing it all, hoping you fall, breaking the wall, give me a call,
Telling me you’ll always care;
And that you’ll always be near.
You’re still su--

--preme to me,
Lyrics I write of you, still scheming to
See you night and day.
I see your face in every flower and your
Eyes in stars that shine above.
Obsessed with trying to possess you and caress you,
Feel your touch so tender and loving, beautiful eyes looking into mine,
Hoping that you’ll trust that I’m willing to share all I own and that I love you with-

My body and soul, such a hard road.
Don’t ever believe I would deceive or mistreat you, run you around,
Only sounds I want to greet you with is
Joyful, tell you that my heart’s full.
Notes that are true and fine, listen to them,
Say that you’ll be mine.

Remember that it’s not what I say or I do,
But how I feel.
Please try to find the
Meaning inside all the foolish things I say and do.
Open up your heart,
Let me get started, with you.


Anonymous said...

Niiiice. Lambert, Hendricks and Ross would approve.

(composer, middling jazz trombonist/euphoniumist, theorist)

Steve Provizer said...

Thank you! Know anyone who could handle the vocal? BTW, I have words for the background lines, too.

Catherine Lee said...

Steve, I have a blog about jazz poetry on Tumblr calle Jazz Ovation Inn. I consider vocalese to be jazz poetry and would like to post your words and an item about you writing it. Can I have the rest of the words and permission to post? The Dizzy video is not there. Do you know where else this solo can be heard?

Steve Provizer said...

Catherine-Thanks for your interest. I re-loaded the DIzzy video, so that should work. By all means publish my words. I have done a lot of vocalese lyrics. If you want to see any, drop me an email-