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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shop TIl You Bop

I received a brilliant, well-researched comment from the "LA Pawn Shop" for my post "Wassup With the Jazz Blogs? To wit:"If you need a convenient loan fast, the Los Angeles Pawn Shops is one of the best loan service provider.[sic]" Great to know I'm reaching the retail community.

The peerless Chumley
I know what you're thinking: Gee, Steve, I know you wrote about pawn shops and jazz. It's too bad you missed the chance to hop on the bandwagon of pawn shows flooding TV: Pawn Stars, Hardcore Pawn, Cajun Pawn and their inbred step-cousins, Storage Wars, Auction Kings, Antiques Roadshow, etc.

Well, as Carnak the Great might have said: "You are wrong, Stickley breath."

At this very moment, we at The Institute have several programs in development at our Burbank Jazz Video Laboratorium. Some of the titles are a bit infra, but we're above the nasty little scramble for ratings that drives our moronic competition.
  • Dis-Count Basie Shopping Spree
  • The Great American Yardbird Sale
  • Dollar Brand Loyalty Challenge
  • Rebop Rebate
  • Conspicuous Consumption at Tuxedo Junction
  • Re-Tails of Hoffman
  • It Don't Cost a Thing if it Ain't got no Tag
  • Shopping Bag's Groove
  • Pops' Com-pound Plenty Re-Mortgage Hour
Appointment viewing.


Steve Provizer said...

Doug Ramsey makes the excellent suggestion: Bye Bye Blackbird.

Bruno J. Leicht said...

As a non-native speaker, I'm a bit hindered ;)

Anyway, would "Winter Shopping Land" count?

Spontaneous inspiration:

"Celery Stalks At Walmart" :)

Steve Provizer said...

Brew, Non-native, perhaps, but you've captured the spirit. Plus, you've created another reason to avoid Walmart.

Bruno J. Leicht said...

But hey, Steve, they got cheap DVD's, hey!!!

Steve Provizer said...

If your library has them, do what we do and get them there!!

gutscheine zum ausdrucken said...

very good post

Steve Provizer said...

Bot or not, a compliment is a compliment.

Bruno J. Leicht said...

LOL, Steve, but you're insane :)))

You know what this means, "Gutscheine zum Ausdrucken"?

"Vouchers to print out."

By the way: Surprise, surprise!

Bruno J. Leicht said...

P.S. -- I know a very cheap Korean seller, and buy them there; my library doesn't have those old flicks I love to watch, or specialties like the unedited (18+) version of Oxygen (1999).

Many films are censored, and all are dubbed in Germany.

(And I hate captcha!)

Steve Provizer said...

Once again, my ignorance of German rears its ugly head...Too bad about the dubbing-and thanks for the Armstrong clips.