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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Practical Tips From Jazz Masters

After I was shown the Charles Mingus Cat Training Toilet Training web page (guaranteed real), I gave an earful to my flunkies at the Institute. If one is not at the cutting edge of such surreal conjunctions, where is one?

To grease the machinery, I upped the number of nembutal breaks for Institute staff and threatened to shut off their twinkies ration. Productivity skyrocketed and here we are, all smiles. The results will be available in convenient .pdfs when Birnam Wood do come to Dunsinane. Until then, here are your ten teasers:

  • Harry Carney on Proper Pipette Cleaning
  • Coleman Hawkins' Philately for Dummies
  • Mal Waldron's 5 Steps to a Cleaner Colon 
  • J.C.Higginbotham's Esperanto Recipe Book
  • Buddy Rich Solves Your Septic Problems
  • Warne Marsh on Mulch
  • Charlie Shavers: Lepidopterist On The Move
  • Johnny Griffin Grills For you!
  • Zoot Sims' Duck Tape Omnibus
  • Gato Barbieri's 10 Secrets For A Successful Luau

Watch your local google-owned website for the arrival of these valuable tracts.

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