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Friday, December 16, 2016

Jazz Oddities: A Maven's Quiz; Answers Revealed

1) Who recorded with both Ma Rainey and Pearl Bailey?
Hot Lips Page

2) Who recorded with both Johnny Dunn in 1922 and Coltrane in '61?
Garvin Bushell

3) Who recorded with both the '27 Goldkette band and '47 Thornhill?
Danny Polo

4) Who played with both James Reese Europe and Dizzy?
Russell Smith
5) Who recorded with both Bix and Monk?
Pee Wee Russell
6) Who played with both Kid Rena and Sir Charles Thompson?
Danny Barker
7) Who recorded with Henry Busse, Louis Jordan and Louis Armstrong?
Bing Crosby
8) What sax player played with both Miles Davis & Blood, Sweat and Tears?
Joe Henderson
9) Who played himself in the movies Screaming Mimi and Ocean's 11?
Red Norvo
10) Who Played with both the Symphony Orchestra of Los Angeles and Joe Venuti?
Arthur Schutt

11) Who recorded with WIlbur Sweatman and Charles Mingus?

12) Who played with Keppard in the Original Creole Orch and recorded with Bird & Martial Solal? Bechet

13) Who played with Lu Waters & Capt. Beefheart?
 Del Simmons

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